Community Advocacy

  • Consumer Protection attorney ~ 5-time Thompson Reuters SuperLawyer Rising Star
  • Dallas Bar Association & Community Involvement Committee
  • Phi Alpha Delta, Law Fraternity International - member, Dallas Alumni Chapter officer
  • Public Interest Law Fellowship: Dallas County Public Defender's Office
  • Public Interest Law Fellowship: Clerking for Judge Brenda Hull-Thompson (Dallas Probate Court #1)

  • Cannabis & Criminal Justice Reform
    • Served on legislative advisory and drafting team for State Sen. Nathan Johnson regarding reduction of cannabis concentrate penalties from felony to misdemeanor & expungement availability for non-violent cannabis convictions (passed by both the Texas House & Senate in 2021; stalled by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick)
    • Long-term community and legislative advocate regarding decriminalization and legalization (implying regulation and a tax base benefit for the community) at both the state and federal level
    • Advocate and personally meet with Republican and Democratic State Representatives and Senators regarding the expansion of the Texas Compassionate Use Program (aka T-CUP) expansion for medical cannabis use (signed into law)
  • Anti-SLAPP Reforms
    • Adam is responsible for the addition of certain provisions and language ultimately passed into law to walk back draconian provisions of the Texas Citizen's Participation Act, otherwise known as the Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). The walk-back included replacing mandatory attorney fees award (that adversely chilled consumer lawsuits) with an attorney's fees award at the Judge's discretion, and rewording language to ensure meritorious complaints are not summarily thrown out of court.
  • Consumer Protection
    • Authored and secured the addition of a full Consumer Protection plank to the Democratic Party Platform (which did not previously exist).
    • Authored multiple bills submitted for legislative drafting by state representatives and senators.

  • Served as non-partisan Election Clerk for both Democratic and Republican primaries and general elections at Oak Lawn Library in 4 of the previous 5 election cycles.
  • Served as non-partisan attorney-volunteer for the Texas Civil Rights Project Election Protection in DFW boiler-room at the Belo Mansion on Election Day 2018.
  • Testified in open commissioner’s court in Dallas regarding the expansion of access to polling places and allowing voting at any polling place as long as you are a registered voter, receiving a short standing ovation
  • Initial speaker offering testimony in open commissioner’s court in Dallas regarding true experiences occurring on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on June 1, 2020
  • 2019 Dallas Trainee – Progressive Campaign Change Committee

  • Adam has become quite involved with the DBA. To him, this is an investment in career and community. The Dallas Bar Association has been around for 150 years…this is a long-game, and the DBA is an incredible resource and engine for change. To that end, over the past six years, Adam has contributed to a number of DBA committees, acting as co-chair. As a member of the Publications Committee for the past four years, Adam has rarely missed a meeting and is nearly always an active participant in the discussions of what articles are to be submitted for final publication in the Headnotes periodical. Adam has contributed to the publications himself, as well, authoring five (5) articles over his tenure, and helping the DBA bring home the State Bar of Texas Substantive Law Series of Articles Award in 2017. He has proposed astute ways to use the committee to raise funds for DVAP or other necessary expenditures, and continues to look forward to active participation.
  • As a member of the Media Relations & Public Forum Committee, Adam has authored or revised several sections of the DBA Media Resource Guide, given to the DFW media in an effort to increase communication and the level of understanding of the newspeople reporting on stories that impact the community, at large.
  • As a member of the Criminal Justice Committee, Adam has come to meetings and contributed marketing and rhetorical ideas with regard to the presentation of CLE events, and helped facilitate the CJC‘s successful annual continuing legal education seminar, last held in the Fall of 2020.
  • As a member and co-Vice Chair of the Community Involvement Committee, Adam is responsible for the restructuring and refreshed focuses of that committee. Before the previous chair moved to Houston, Adam began the process of steering a restructuring of the committee in a way that would encourage participation and involvement, as well as give each officer the opportunity to be able to more successfully complete projects while putting together their own sub-committee teams, engendering more buy-in from DBA members. Adam successfully convinced the CIC committee to change/broaden/clarify its mission statement and give the CIC committee purpose beyond a glorified volunteer-gatherer for other committee’s projects, proposed large-scale projects (like a She-Hulk mural in UNT Law - proposed in 2018 & 19), is proposing new changes that encourage involvement (like creating a Community Parade Float subcommittee and making sure the DBA has a fun presence at every important parade across the county), and conceived of, planned out, sold the CIC & DBA boards on, and effectively created a new/official DBA annual award honoring folks who embody the best of what we, as a community, have to offer as attorneys and people. This committee is where Adam has been most passionate within the DBA.
  • As a member of the 2017 Leadership Class of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers ("DAYL"), Adam took an initial lead role (despite his mural project falling 2nd to the multi-pronged event that was ultimately chosen), heading up one of the sub-committees and delivering when he was asked to. He eventually exercised good judgment in handing those reigns to another attorney, Joel Pruett, so he could focus on the U.S. Congressional Campaign he was asked to manage, which was a solid leadership decision, too (and maybe one of the more difficult ones).
  • As a DAYL Bolton Ball Co-Chair and Silent Auction Team Member, for the past two years, Adam has dedicated time, energy, and resources to making sure this brilliant event steered by Nicole Munoz is put on and runs smoothly. He has deferred to his team leads and stepped up every time there was a crisis or manpower shortage. On the day of the event he has been a calm but efficient standard, acting as the first face folks see when they come in and intermittently doing table-touches and working with vendors/staff/volunteers throughout the night, which is often an underappreciated role. He has been a champion in obtaining donations and boosting morale, adding witticisms that lift moods and encourage everyone further."

  • Awwdoptable, Inc. - Co-founder & Board of Directors

    Adam is a co-founding member of Awwdoptable, Inc., a DFW Metroplex animal rescue and rehoming 501c3. Based in Oak Cliff (Dallas), since 2015, Awwdoptable has become a cherished local community advocacy organization. In addition to helping Awwdoptable celebrate St. Francis of Asisi Day (where clergy bestow the patron saint of animals' blessing), Adam has provided pro bono legal services, marketing/strategic partnership coordination, transportation facilitation, and in-person volunteerism by helping out adoptions at PetSmart and special events.

    Awwdoptable, Inc. is a recognized rescue partner of multiple Texas-based municipal animal shelters, including the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, Mesquite City, Animal Shelter, Garland Animal Services, Lamar County Humane Association, Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center, City of Laredo Animal Care Facility, and PetSmart.

    Visit Awwdoptable on Facebook, Instagram, & at

  • IMPRINT TheaterWorks - Board of Directors

    IMPRINT TheaterWorks describes itself as "an ensemble-driven company...provid[ing[ unique and thought-provoking theatrical experiences to unite and engage our community," and Mark Lowry at has called the culturally conscious avant-garde crew “the most exciting new theater company of the past five years!”

    The Inaugural Season in 2018, themed as ‘Built For Longing,’ garnered both audience and critical acclaim, including 12 DFW Theater Critics Forum Awards, 3 Column Awards, with a staggering 40 total Nominations, and inclusion on many Best of 2018 Year-End Lists.

    Adam has provided pro bono legal services, marketing/strategic partnership coordination, served as an independent review officer, and in-person volunteerism by helping out with his daughter at shows and special events.

    Formerly the chartering Secretary of the Board for Dallas’ seminal independent theater (Upstart Productions), since joining the IMPRINT board, Adam has added insights and experience gained from building a theater that changed the way people thought about what we could do on stage locally, and melded community groups to help ensure the success and flourishment of both.

    When asked about his involvement with IMPRINT, Adam said: “True art belongs in front of all kinds of eyes, regardless of class, creed, or prior entrenched beliefs. Imprint Theaterworks is carrying that banner, and it will be a privilege to serve.”

    Visit IMPRINT TheaterWorks at!

  • DISD Destination Imagination Coach

    Adam serves as one of two active coaches for DISD's No Probllamas Team for Destination Imagination, primarily focusing on rhetorical skills, application of those skills to specific narratives and fact patterns, and critical thinking. Founded in 1999, Destination Imagination is a non-profit organization with the support of 38,000 volunteers throughout 30 countries. DI has impacted more than one million participants with the purpose to inspire and equip students with invaluable 21st century skills, creative outlets and the confidence needed to succeed in school, career and beyond.

    In 2020, the No Probllamas team won Silver at Regionals and participated in the Global Finals. In 2021, the No Probllamas team won Silver at Regionals, Silver at State, and placed 6th in the World at Global Finals.

  • Phi Alpha Delta is a professional, nationwide legal fraternity whose mission is advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community. The fraternal fellowship fostered between students, attorneys, professors, and the bench bar is designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law, stimulate excellence in scholarship, inspire the virtues of compassion and courage, foster integrity and professional competence, promote the welfare of its members, and to encourage moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

    After his membership at Texas Wesleyan/Texas A&M ended after graduation, Adam joined the Phi Alpha Delta Dallas Alumni Chapter to continue his service. He quickly became the Secretary and then Vice Justice of the Executive Board, serving as an officer for seven consecutive years, helping to plan strategy and events, always showing up at meetings and validating others’ ideas, and never failing to attend a community service project. He often brings his daughter, who routinely shows everyone else up in her enthusiasm and efficacy anytime the group is working with Toys for Tots.

  • Served as non-partisan attorney-volunteer for the Texas Civil Rights Project Election Protection in DFW boiler-room at the Belo Mansion on Election Day 2018
  • Testified in open commissioner’s court in Dallas regarding the expansion of access to polling places and allowing voting at any polling place as long as you are a registered voter. He got a short standing ovation
  • Elected by District 16 to the Texas Democratic Platform Committee
  • Served on the Texas Democratic Platform Committee during the 2018 state convention
    • Instrumental in coordinating with Robert Williams (President, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats) and Shakira Pumphrey to convince the rest of the committee representatives to elevate Criminal Justice Reform to the literal top of the platform.
    • Was one of the leading voices on Texas Democrats’ cannabis position and language, adding various core sub-planks
    • Authored and successfully added an entire independent section for Consumer Protection that was only previously present as a one-off paragraph under Family Protection before
    • Submitted fourteen (14) language/subject propositions that were adopted
  • Dallas Democratic Party Precinct Chair (#2024), Executive Committee Member, Advisory Council alternate member.
  • 2019 Dallas Trainee – Progressive Campaign Change Committee
  • 2018 US Congressional Campaign Emergency Media Response Team – Collin Allred for Congress (TX-32)
  • 2018 Volunteer and block-walker – Nathan Johnson for Senate (TX - Dist. 16)
  • 2018 Volunteer and block-walker – John Turner for Congress (TX House – Dist. 114)