Big Ideas

Adam is dedicated to making sure your People's Court is updated for the 21st century, & making justice more accessible for everyday North Texans.

Streamlining the Court & Implementing Modern Reforms

The People's Court should have information & services available at your fingertips. The Court's current standard website is clunky and can be difficult to navigate. Giving the current standard website a facelift/update & launching a smart-phone friendly version will give you the option to save yourself from waiting in line or on the phone to:

  • File or respond to a Small Claims, Eviction, Repair & Remedy, or Debt Claim Case
  • Apply to renew handicap plates or placards
  • Search scanned/filed case documents
  • View the Court Calendar
  • View the Court Calendar
  • Book a Wedding
  • Track Covid Updates
  • Pay a Traffic Ticket
  • Establish regular Zoom Docket Day(s) & option

The current JP 3-1 court has never set up electronic filing options or online access to view case documents. That can, and should, change.

As your JP, Adam will work to bring our community court into the 21st century & save our tax-payers time and money.

Mediation Monday is an opportunity for people to settle their differences at minimal cost & time, giving litigants a chance to address everyone's interests more fully, get or keep money in pockets more effectively, & ratchet down animosities that might otherwise influence the angels of our better nature. Here's how it works:

  • Litigants are required to show up for mandatory hearing; at that hearing, litigants get a pep talk from the bench about solving issues more efficiently & effectively through mediation.
  • If they choose, litigants can pay a $75 mediation fee to Dallas Dispute Resolution Services, volunteer credentialed mediators, &/or law students trained/being trained in mediation.
  • The volunteer mediators will be assigned to you on that day, & they will find a more secluded spot in the courthouse for that morning & take up to a half day mediating to find an alternative dispute resolution for folks' & streamline the Court's active docket.
  • If a party chooses not to mediate, the Court will honor the trial setting & see that the party gets their day in Court.

Community justice courts should be a place where members of our community can potentially work together to resolve disputes, saving themselves & our taxpayers costly legal battles.